Jupyter notebooks

You can use the Modal client library in notebook environments like Jupyter! Just import modal and use as normal. However, there are some limitations when using Modal within notebooks.

Known issues

  • Interactive shell and interactive functions are not supported.

    These can only be run within a live terminal session, so they are not supported in notebooks.

If you encounter issues not documented above, first check your Modal client version is >=0.49.2142. Also, try restarting the notebook kernel, as it may be in a broken state, which is common in notebook development.

If the issue persists, contact us in our Slack.

We are working on removing these known issues so that writing Modal applications in a notebook feels just like developing in regular Python modules and scripts.

Jupyter inside Modal

You can run Jupyter in Modal using the modal launch command. For example:

$ modal launch jupyter --gpu a10g

That will start a Jupyter instance with an A10G GPU attached. You’ll be able to access the app with via a Modal Tunnel URL. Jupyter will stop running whenever you stop Modal call in your terminal.

See --help for additional options.

Further examples