Simple pricing

With Modal, you always pay for what you use, and nothing more. You never pay for idle resources — just actual compute time, down to the percentage.

CPU $0.000053333/core/s
Memory $0.000006667/GiB/s
GPU (T4)
GPU (A10G)
GPU (A100 40GB)
Cron jobs unlimited
Webhooks unlimited
Monitoring unlimited
Logging unlimited
Custom images unlimited

CPU tasks

Modal measures the CPU utilization continuously in terms of the number of fractional physical cores. Each physical core is equivalent to 2 vCPUs.

Memory consumption is measured continuously. For both memory and CPU, you only pay for what you actually use, and nothing more.

Example: Cron job

You schedule a job to run once an hour for 15 seconds. This job uses 50% of one CPU core and 256 MiB of memory.

This job will cost $0.0096/day for the CPU, and $0.0006/day for the memory, adding up to $0.0102/day, or $0.306/month.

GPU tasks

There is an additional charge for GPU tasks which depends on the type of GPU you're using. Multi-GPU options are coming soon!

Example: Stable diffusion

You run stable diffusion on an A10G GPU. This will run for about 1.5 seconds to generate each image, while using 4GB RAM and 1 CPU.

This will cost $0.000458333/image in GPU charges, $0.00008/image in CPU charges, and $0.00004/image in memory charges, adding up to $0.000578333/image in total charges, i.e. $0.587333 per 1,000 images.

Try it before you buy it

All Modal users get $30/month of free credits.

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