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Run your code in the cloud within seconds. No need to install Docker, set up Kubernetes clusters, or even have an AWS account.

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A brand new container runtime written in Rust, specifically designed for modern-day use cases.

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special shout out to @modal_labs and @_hex_tech for providing the crucial infrastructure to run this! Modal is the coolest tool I’ve tried in a really long time— cannnot say enough good things.

Wow - @modal_labs looks so good. I see great things in their future.

we ❤️ modal team - they’re super responsive even on weekends for niche issues 🙌

Modal is cool! Easily the best serverless dev experience I've seen. That said, it's definitely more optimized for an interactive experience than a programmatic one. This makes sense! It's early days, and it's already providing extremely powerful abstractions.

My new fav stack: @nextjs on @vercel, with a @supabase backend, and @modal_labs for data processing/queues/etc It's kinda wild how powerful this is.

The Tech Stack you need to build powerful apps. Frontend: @nextjs Backend: @supabase Deploy: @vercel Data Processing: @modal_labs The beauty of this stack is that you can start for FREE

Shoutout to @modal_labs, which I used to run the @OpenAI Whisper models to transcribe the audio. Appreciate the previous commenters who recommended it! It was easy to parallelize around ~80 containers so a 90+ min podcast could be transcribed in under a minute🤯🤯🤯 [3/4]

@modal_labs (modal.com): the easiest way to run stuff in the cloud. Honestly it's mind-blowing. Thanks @bernhardsson!

@modal_labs is a blessing built by the Cloud Computing deity to bring joy and love for our lives. I've never seen anything like it, but it is the best PaaS/SaaS/ Whatever-a-a-S I've ever used.

Something like this would of been basically impossible to do so quickly without @modal_labs, since I'd have to learn ML infra on gcp/aws, auto scaling, managing gpu infra, etc. It's autoscaled by them, so I can easily tune 5,10,15 models at a time. Don't have to manage A100s

This tool is awesome. So empowering to have your infra needs met with just a couple decorators. Good people, too!

Modal has already completely changed the way I interact with the cloud. It's so fast that I skip the local dev environment and just develop my code in the cloud from the start of a project. 1/

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