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The serverless platform for teams

Run generative AI models, large-scale batch jobs, job queues, and much more.

Bring your own code — we run the infrastructure.









Customers run Modal to power data-intensive applications.

The only runtime environment you need for Generative AI

Reference dog
Generated dog
Turbo XL

Fast cold boots

Load gigabytes of weights in seconds with our optimized container file system.

Bring your own code

Deploy your model on Modal's custom runtime.

Seamless autoscaling

When your app gets an influx of traffic, Modal scales with you.

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Engineered for large-scale workloads

We built a container system from scratch in Rust for the fastest cold-start times. Scale to hundreds of GPUs and back down to zero in seconds, and pay only for what you use.

GPU Containers
7:10:50 PM
7:10:46 PM
7:10:45 PM
7:10:44 PM

Iterate at the speed of thought

Deploy functions to the cloud in seconds, with custom container images and hardware requirements. Never write a single line of YAML.

Everything your app needs

Express container images and hardware specifications entirely in code.
Say goodbye to Dockerfiles and YAML.
Provision network volumes, key-value stores and queues with ease.
Use powerful cloud primitives that feel like regular Python.
Job scheduling
Turn functions into cron jobs with a single line of code.
Spawn compute intensive jobs without blocking your backend.
Web endpoints
Serve any function as an HTTPS endpoint.
Ship to your own custom domains.
Monitor executions, logs and metrics in real time.
Debug interactively with modal shell.
Secure your workloads with our battle-tested gVisor runtime.

Mike Cohen
Mike Cohen
Head of Data

Substack recently launched a feature for AI-powered audio transcriptions. The data team picked Modal because it makes it easy to write code that runs on 100s of GPUs in parallel, transcribing podcasts in a fraction of the time.

Karim Atiyeh
Karim Atiyeh
Co-Founder & CTO

Ramp uses Modal to run some of our most data-intensive projects. Our team loves the developer experience because it allows them to be more productive and move faster. Without Modal, these projects would have been impossible for us to launch.

Only pay for what you use

Scale up to hundreds of nodes and down to zero within seconds. Pay for actual compute, by the CPU cycle. With $30 of compute on us, every month.

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Compute costs

Per Second
Per Hour


Physical core (2 vCPU equivalent)

$0.0000533 / core / sec


Nvidia H100

$0.002125 / sec

Nvidia A100, 80 GB

$0.001553 / sec

Nvidia A100, 40 GB

$0.001036 / sec

Nvidia A10G

$0.000306 / sec

Nvidia L4

$0.000291 / sec

Nvidia T4

$0.000164 / sec


$0.00000667 / GiB / sec

Are you an early-stage startup or academic?
Startups and academic researchers can get up to $25k free compute credits on Modal. These credits can be used towards GPU compute and accessing in-demand GPU types.
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I've had Modal running in production flawlessly for over a year now. Mark of a great product: using infra it replaces feels ridiculous and archaic.

Deployed two models to @modal_labs today, was very easy. Nice thing they have there and cold starts are FAST! Much better than hugging face or anything else!

Whether @modal_labs is part of the tech stack will absolutely factor into my decision about where I work next. Never had a better developer experience.

This tool is awesome. So empowering to have your infra needs met with just a couple decorators. Good people, too!

If you are still using AWS Lambda instead of @modal_labs you're not moving fast enough

Modal has the most magical onboarding I've ever seen and it's not even close. And Erik's walk through of how they approached it is a Masterclass.

Recently built an app on Lambda and just started to use @modal_labs, the difference is insane! Modal is amazing, virtually no cold start time, onboarding experience is great 🚀

special shout out to @modal_labs and @_hex_tech for providing the crucial infrastructure to run this! Modal is the coolest tool I’ve tried in a really long time— cannnot say enough good things.

My favorite thing to do on Modal - running massively parallel GPU finetune jobs

At Ramp, we’ve trained hundreds of LLMs at the same time without the infra hassle - Modal allows us to move insanely fast

@modal_labs ( the easiest way to run stuff in the cloud. Honestly it's mind-blowing. Thanks @bernhardsson!

we ❤️ modal team - they’re super responsive even on weekends for niche issues 🙌

been using @modal_labs for a few hours and am already certain this is how I will be getting things done for a long time to come

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