modal deploy

Deploy a Modal stub as an application.


modal deploy [OPTIONS] APP_REF


  • APP_REF: Path to a Python file with an app. [required]


  • --name TEXT: Name of the deployment.
  • --env TEXT: Environment to interact with.

If not specified, Modal will use the default environment of your current profile, or the MODAL_ENVIRONMENT variable. Otherwise, raises an error if the workspace has multiple environments.

  • --public / --no-public: [beta] Publicize the deployment so other workspaces can lookup the function. [default: no-public]
  • --skip-confirm / --no-skip-confirm: Skip public app confirmation dialog. [default: no-skip-confirm]
  • --stream-logs / --no-stream-logs: Stream logs from the app upon deployment. [default: no-stream-logs]
  • --help: Show this message and exit.